Netherlands – Dutch derps

A few weeks ago we went to a divesite in the Vinkeveen lakes. The divesite is called ‘Zandeiland 4’ and is very popular among Dutch divers.

Every weekend the parking lot is packed with divers – come too late and you don’t have a place to park your car. Once the car has been crammed into its spot, it’s time to unload your stuff – some divers, like us, only bring their diving equipment. Other divers bring along a small camping; party tents, barbecues, chairs, loungers… It’s always fun to look at.

Down underwater it.. was.. COLD. The surface was a comfortable 21°C but once you were underwater for 6 or 7 meters the halocline said hello. Under there the temperature dropped to a chilling 11°C. And when you’re in a wetsuit, that’s not very comfortable. Look around quickly for somethins nice to photograph… no… O.K. back up a few meters.

Luckily, during the second dive, we found a lobster in its little cavern waiting for us. I decided to play around with it for a while, dropping a small clam just before it. Everytime I did that, he pushed it away. It was very funny to see and it felt a bit like playing fetch with a dog.

So down below are some pictures from these two dives, enjoy them and please let me know what you think! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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