Maldives – Patterns

There are two subjects in underwater photography that attract me the most; eyes and patterns.

This week I’d like to treat you guys with a bit more variation in one blog, so I’ve selected a few lovely patterns found on the Maldives!

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment.

More information can be found underneath the pictures (scroll down a little bit).

Some species of nudibranches (the slugs) have beautiful patterns. They all have little ‘antlers’ on top of their head, sometimes they’re like plums and some look like screws on top of their head. Anyhow, nudies – once spotted – are extremely rewarding to photograph. For the rusty one I had to hover upside-down alongside a wreck in order to get a nice composition.

Honeycomb morays have a… honeycomb-like pattern all along their bodies. This allows them to hide well inside vibrant reefs and also make great photography subjects.

Lionfish (or devilfish) have a zebra-like pattern over their body. Their stripes continue flawlessly in their fins, venomspikes and eyes. Stunning!

The small duckface-fish is a saddleback puffer. They’re incredibly agile so you could imagine I was extremely happy finding at least one good picture of it. Their pattern reminds me of giraffes and they have these incredibly blue stripes coming out of their eyes.

Whoever thinks seastars are boring – think again! Some species are ‘flat’ to look at, while other species, like the one in this gallery, have spots and speckles all over their bodies. Once in a while you can find a lonely arm swaying along the bottom of the ocean. Hopefully it’ll regrow 😉

Next up we have a really freaky thing; the sea cucumber. They are basically a crawling intestine with spikes and hand-like things, eating and pooping sand. And that’s.. all there is to say. However if you look closely you have to admit they’ve got a beautiful skin.

And last but not least – a close-up of the inside of a clam. I’m still not sure what kind of clam this is – but it sure is beautiful!

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