Kuredu – heaven for turtle fans

During almost every dive in the Maldive’s we’ve encountered one or more turtles. Kuredu, the island we were during our holiday, has a lush seagrass garden and homes a lagoon – in which juvenile sea creatures reside.

The seagrass planes are beautiful to look at, under water as well as above. Above water it results in amazing shades of blue when you look over the ocean. Especially when you’re in the seaplane this is stunning. Underwater, you’re surrounded by A LOT of animals when you’re around the seagrass; Napoleons, turtles, sharks, blennies, rays, morays… We wish we had a pair of extra eyes on us!

This part of the ocean is not very deep – the deepest is about 4,5 meters, making it an excellent post-safety-stop area. The turtles use these areas to feed and regurarly come up to the surface for air. These moments make the best pictures. I’ve selected a few for this gallery.

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