Maldives – Moray Mania

One of the reasons the Maldives are AWESOME is the abundance and variety of moray eel species. They appear in different colours, patterns and sizes and, no matter how they look, they’re amazing to capture.

Moray eels can be dangerous, but if you approach them calmly and don’t try to poke them in the eye they’re very social creatures. I’ll slap your face too if you poke me… they bite.

IF you get bitten by one the wounds are comparible to puncture wounds and tend to bleed a lot. They’re not immediately deadly but the wound needs to be treated to prevent too much bloodloss and/or infections.

Moray eels have a second pair of jaws hidden in their neck, if you look closely at one of the ‘open wide’-pictures below you can actually see them – along with some leftovers from his last meal. Yummy. When hunting, the eels use this pair of jaws to keep hold of their pray and to reel them in. Gladly we’re not in the same foodchain…

So that was the small biology lesson for today! ­čÖé Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment.

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