Maldives – Muckie day

The Maldives give a great variation of underwater photography objects. You can encounter them all – huge pelagic fish like whalesharks and manta rays, but also a lot of cute muckies.

Whenever I spot something tiny or a beautiful pattern while underwater, my air consumption peaks a little.

In this blog you’ll find a close-up of a seaturtle’s seashell. They look as if some Maori or Tribal pattern was covered in rust, and then someone scraped half of the dust away. I could hold on to a turtle to look at this for a full day and still be amazed.
You’ll also see a Blenny on the lookout, a blue Maxima shell, a very curious boxfish (speedy little thing), a posing mantis shrimp, a firefin goby (even speedier little thing), a nudibranch which I found on the side of the local shipwreck and one of my favourites; a close-up of a juvenile lionfish.

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Enjoy the pictures!

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