Puffer hugs!

A few weeks ago, I first met these little happy-faced cuties. Back then they swam away from you as soon as you laid your eyes on them.


Now, fully adjusted to TODI and my red, blinking camera, they follow you and even nibble on your gear as you swim around. They’re not afraid anymore. Instead, they circle around your head, so close that you have to swim away in order to be able to focus on them. Tiny bubbles emerging from your cap and wobbling gear seem to be nice toys.

Ever wanted to see puffers in a feeding frenzy? Visit TODI around fish lunch! They go bananas over.. well, whatever their diet is. They’re just so amazingly cute to watch.

And oh yeah, the other 3000+ fish were also pretty to look at, haha. They even made it to my ‘small’ selection of today.



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